The Heritage Network

The Heritage Network

Fort Colvile Bicentennial


The Heritage Network is an association of museums, and historical societies dedicated to supporting each other’s work in preserving, presenting and promoting the history, art and culture of Northeast Washington.

This is the website of the Heritage Network, an association of museums and historical societies centered around Northeast Washington. It contains minutes from our meetings going back to 2009. There is also a list of members, past and present, with links to websites. Among our many projects is preparation for commemoration of the 200 anniversary of the establishment of Hudson Bay Fort Colvile in 1825.

Six pages of this website are dedicated to Hudson Bay Fort Colvile information.

The Library page lists documents that you can read or download about the Fort’s history

The Forum page has topics you can open, comment on and connect to others interested in this topic

The Image page is a collection of images concerning the fort with links to their original sources.

The Maps page has links to pdf versions of old maps, many showing residence locations

The Articles page has links to articles about Hudson’s Bay Fort Colville and related topics.

The Boat is about our effort to construct a Columbia Boat as a Prelude to the Fort Colvile Bicentennial.