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Fort Colvile Bicentennial

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When gathering thoughts on the 200th Anniversary of the establishment of Hudson Bay Fort Colvile I wrote about the many groups of people who were involved and the effects of that event that echo to this day (Preliminary Thoughts).  Since then a great number of people have contributed thoughts, stories, links and suggestions for commemorating… (read more)

Preliminary Goals

Historical Documentation I see two kinds of publications emerging from this event.  Since there are so many sides to what took place, I would like us to solicit papers from as many viewpoints as possible and have them presented at the event to the extent possible or reasonable, and complied in a scholarly collection.  It… (read more)

Preliminary Thoughts

Hudson’s Bay Fort Colvile Bicentennial, Preliminary Thoughts (March 9th, 2021) Today as a nation and a world we are constantly considering momentous changes in government, health, technology; the exploration of space and the preservation of life itself.  It is hard to recount all of these changes in our own lifetimes.  It is harder still to… (read more)